Deerfield Ag

Case IH verticle tillage, disk harrrows and chisel plows at Garden City Farm Equipment and Deerfield Ag in Southwest Kansas.

CASE IH Tillage Equipment

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Case IH Vertical Tillage - True-Tandem 330 Turbo Case IH Vertical Tillage - True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo

The True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo introduces a new dimension to vertical tillage by adding the capability to level. The 330 Turbo manages residue in the spring or fall, delivers an excellent horsepower-per-foot ratio and is faster than other tillage operations for greater efficiency.

DMI Farm Equipment

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DMI Nutri-Plac'r 5300 DMI Nutri-Plac'r 5300

The nutri-plac'r 5300 is the largest DMI pull-type applicator available.
  • Mainframe and A-frame are designed to handle the stress of the largest tractors and toughest conditions
  • Gauge wheels are located in-line to reduce stress during turns
  • Replaceable hubs and spindles ease maintenance and lower repair costs
  • A wide selection of DMI coulter, shank mount and sealer options allow yout o choose a configuration that best fits your needs
  • Liquid tank option enables dual placement capability

Orthman Agricultural Tillage Equipment

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Orthman Strip-Till Strip-Till
  • 1-tRIPr
  • 1-tRIPr AR
  • Combo Caddy
  • Torline
  • Kaddy Kart
Orthman Cultivators Cultivators
  • Rear Mount Cultivators
  • Row Crop Culitvators
  • Speedweeder Row Crop Cultivators
  • Cultivator Shields
  • Spray Shields
Orthman Broad Acre Tillage Broad Acre Tillage
  • Fallow-Master
  • Lazer Blade Plow
  • Terra-Firm'r
  • Soil Shark

Remlinger Agricultural Tillage Equipment

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Remlinger Mounted Harrows Mounted Harrows
  • 3 Bar Spring Tine with Single Roller Combo
  • 3 or 4 Bar Spring Tine Harrow
  • 3 Bar Roller Flex Harrow
  • Flexible Angle Iron Harrow
  • Double Roller Harrow
  • 1 Bar w/ Single Roller Harrow
  • Heavy Duty Flexible Angle Iron Harrow
  • 3 Bar Spring Tine Harrow
  • 3 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow
  • One Bar Harrow
  • Chisel Play Leveler
Remlinger Pull Type Implements Pull Type Implements
  • DC Double and Single Roller Harrow Cart
  • Front Folding Toolbar
Remlinger Strip Tillage Strip Tillage
  • Front Folding Toolbar
  • Precision Strip Till Row Units
  • PST Row Unit Options
  • PST Rigid Toolbars
  • PST Vertical Folding Toolbars

Sunflower Tillage Equipment

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Sunflower Chisels Sunflower Chisels
This is the heaviest and largest chisel plow we build. Matched in large horsepower, tillage becomes a simple task and the results are impressive! Sunflower's Model 2433 tills deeply and evenly across the entire cutting width. The heavy 4" x 6" tubular steel tongue extends from front to rear beneath the framework and is bolted to each bar, distributing stress across the entire frame. Rephasing hydraulics provide superior depth control.
Sunflower Primary Tillage Products Sunflower Primary Tillage Tools
Sunflower Primary Tillage tools were developed to crack your compaction problem while leaving maximum residue on the surface. The front mounted coulter blades size residue and create fracture lines that reduce clod size and stabilize the overall ripper. A combination of 50 pound cast iron coulter spacing spools and extra heavy frame members take the bounce right out of this pull type ripper. No need to load these frames with ballast-the weight is built in!
Sunflower Soil Conditioners Sunflower Soil Conditioners
Whether you're pulling the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner behind a primary or secondary tillage tool, the results are the same-Improved Effectiveness of the Host Machine and Enhanced Efficiency of the Operator.
Sunflower Land Finishers Sunflower Land Finishers
Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass. Don't accept poor germination when the solution is seed bed preparation. The Sunflower 6221 Land Finisher can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth. The 6220 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.
Sunflower Disc Harrows Sunflower Disc Harrows
Sunflower's Model 1211 Disc Harrow is the discing answer for America's smaller farmers. It is available in rigid models only and matches tractor horsepower in the range of 110 and lower. With exception of gauge wheels the 1211 has all of the same outstanding features common to the 1233. It's tough, heavy and capable of performing primary and finish discing operations. Like all discs from Sunflower, the 1211 truly meets the toughest standards, earning the label of America's best built disc.
Sunflower Fallow Tillage Tools Sunflower Fallow Tillage Tools
The Fallow-King is specially built for the wide range of soil conditions found on the Great Plains. It performs both primary and secondary tillage activities. The entire Fallow-King series features two rows of shanks and frames that flex every 7' to hug the terrain on flat or rolling ground, even over terraces.

Unverferth Tillage Equipment

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Unverferth Primary Tillage Products Primary Tillage
  • Ripper-Roller
  • Zone-Builder Subsoiler
  • Zone-Stripper
Unverferth Secondary Tillage Products Seedbed Tillage
  • Leveling Attachments
  • Maximus Disk
  • Perfecta II
  • Ripper-Stripper
  • Ripper-Bedder
  • Rolling Harrow