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RTK network, Case IH precision farming, Trimble autoguidance systems, Ag Leader and GPS recievers at Garden City Farm Equipment and Deerfield Ag in Southwest Kansas.

Garden City Farm Equipment's RTK Network

View our RTK Network Coverage Area With the increased demand for RTK, Garden City Farm Equipment saw it vital to our customers' success to establish a RTK network. With a series of towers strategically placed, GCFE is capable of providing coverage over a large service area. Talk to us today about your RTK signal needs. Please look at our coverage map to see if we have you covered!

What is a RTK Network?

RTK is a highly precise technique that results in one inch pass-to-pass and year-to-year accuracy. RTK GPS requires two specialized GPS receivers and two radios. One GPS receiver is set up as a base station within a 8 mile radius of the field you are working so it can send the correction message to the roving receiver. Both receivers collect extra data from the GPS satellites known as L2 Band, that enables this better precision.

Case IH Precision Farming

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Case IH AFS Accuguide™ Autoguidance Systems Case IH Precision Farming
AFS Accuguide™ Autoguidance Systems

AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance systems from Case IH are designed with the precision grower in mind and eliminate the need to steer in open fields, except at row ends. You focus on the performance of the implement instead.

AFS AccuGuide lets you maintain perfectly straight rows and return to those same rows later in the season. Thanks to its GPS technology you can enjoy control and accuracy—seed and material are applied with extreme precision, saving input costs.

Trimble Agriculture Guidance Systems

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Trimble Agricultre Guidance Systems Trimble Agricultre Guidance Systems
Guidance, Flow & Application Control, Water, and Information Management

Trimble's guidance products help you complete field application faster and more productively, accurately, safely and comfortably, with less operator fatigue. They help you avoid losing valuable field time by working through the night or in dusty and low-visibility conditions, and help save time by driving faster with better precision and no field call-backs

AgLeader Technology

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AgLeader Guidance, Steering, GPS Receivers AgLeader Guidance, Steering, GPS Receivers

AgLeader believes precision farming should improve your bottom line. They've spent more than a decade innovating and marketing precision technologies specifically designed to help farmers and other agricultural professionals save time and improve profitability. They understand that in order for customers to adopt and embrace precision technology, it's got to be easy to use. From planting to harvest and field to office, you won't find a more complete precision package than what you'll find from Ag Leader.