Deerfield Ag

Case IH self propelled windrowers, round balers and hay rakes at Garden City Farm Equipment and Deerfield Ag in Southwest Kansas.

Case IH Hay Equipment

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Case IH Self-Propelled Windrowers Case IH Self-Propelled Windrowers

WD "3" Series windrowers offer the ultimate in windrowing comfort and performance. Case IH has models and headers to fit your operation with industry-leading features that improve your productivity and bottom line!
Case IH Round Balers Case IH Round Balers

Roll your nutrient-rich crop into a flawless, weather-resistant package with Case IH RB 4 Series round balers. With five models, you'll find the ideal one for your operation.

RB 4 Series models pack more of your valuable crop into dense, uniform 4x4 ft., 4x5 ft., 4x6 ft., 5x5 ft. and 5x6 ft. (1.2x1.2 m, 1.2x1.5 m, 1.2x1.8 m, 1.5x1.5 m and 1.5x1.8 m) bales. No matter what size bale you prefer, you can be sure your Case IH round baler will deliver!

Massey Ferguson Hay Equipment

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Massey Ferguson Self-Propelled Windrowers Massey Ferguson Self-Propelled Windrowers

The Hesston Series self-propelled windrowers from Massey Ferguson include three tough, versatile models that can handle any job. Hesston Series self-propelled windrowers are built with all the professional features you'll need to attain maximum productivity, no matter the crop or the model that best suites your needs.
Massey Ferguson Large Square Balers Massey Ferguson Large Square Balers

Hesston large square balers have dominated the competition and set the standard for product innovation and quality. Now, two of the biggest names in the industry have come together with the new 2100 Series large square balers, driving the future of hay production.
Massey Ferguson Round Balers Massey Ferguson Round Balers

With a Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Round Baler you can produce round bales that weigh 550 to 2100 pounds with low horsepower requirements.

The Hesston Series Auto-Cycle™ Balers are truly the most automated balers in the industry. Building high quality solid core bales is a snap with the model 2746A or the 2756A.

2700 Hesston Series Auto-Tie™ balers are available in 4'x5', 4'x6', and 5'x6' bale sizes, each offering new features and conveniences that make baling easier for you.

MacDon Industries

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MacDon Self-Propelled Windrowers MacDon Self-Propelled Windrowers

MacDon Self-Propelled Windrowers have been engineered from the ground up with only one person in mind — you the operator. To ensure optimum field performance under a wide range of conditions, we've powered our windrowers with powerful, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly diesel engines. The hydraulic circuit flow to the header of 20 gallons per minute provides enough power to run all additional header functions at full capacity, even under severe harvesting conditions. An added benefit is increased power to the traction drive which provides increased traction torque for improved performance on hills and in soft soil conditions.

Darf Hay Rakes

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Darf Hay Rakes Darf Hay Rakes

The field-proven design of the Darf Hay Rake is combined with modern technology and materials to yield the finest hay raking implement available, and is available in seventeen and fifteen rake wheel configurations in many different models - each tailored to specific fields and needs.