Deerfield Ag

Case IH combines, corn heads and chopping corn heads at Garden City Farm Equipment and Deerfield Ag in Southwest Kansas.

CASE IH Harvesting Equipment

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CASE IH Axial-Flow Combines CASE IH Axial-Flow® Combines

The new, expanded Axial-Flow family. Case IH is pleased to introduce the next advances in the Axial-Flow lineup: two new 2500 Series Axial-Flow combines—the new Class VII Axial-Flow 7010 and an enhanced Axial-Flow 8010. The complete Axial-Flow family includes a combine that's just right for every farming operation. In addition to bold new styling, these combines offer innovative new features that improve capacity, comfort and efficiency.
CASE IH Corn Heads CASE IH Corn Heads
2200 Series and 2400 Series

Case IH 2200 Series and 2400 Series corn heads deliver powerful performance and superior reliability for the highest quality corn harvesting you can find. Available in 6-, 8- or 12-row configurations with various row spacing options.
CASE IH Chopping Corn Heads CASE IH Chopping Corn Heads
2600 Series

2600 Series chopping corn heads offer a proven, highly efficient alternative to cornstalk residue management. Available in 6-row, 8-row, 8-row folding and 12-row configurations.
CASE IH Draper Heads CASE IH Draper Heads

Case IH draper heads are designed to match crop types, yields and combine capacities and are used in a wide variety of conditions around the world. These machines have years of proven experience in wheat, mustard, canola, barley, lentils, lupins, oats, peas, milo, flax, grass seeds, pinto beans, safflower, alfalfa, millet, soybeans, rice and sunflowers. Special attachments may be required.
CASE IH Grain and Flex Heads CASE IH Grain and Flex Heads
1000 Series and 2000 Series

Case IH 1000 Series grain and flex heads are designed to reduce the loss at the cutterbar to approximately 3%, and that puts you bushels ahead of your competitors. The 1000 Series grain heads have a proven record of optimal performance in a variety of crops and conditions, and there's a model to match your machine's true capacity.
CASE IH Pickup Heads CASE IH Pickup Heads

Designed with the strict requirements of the large grain producer in mind, Case IH belt-type and rake-up pickup heads offer a unique solution in grain harvesting. These heads are made to work in various crops and diverse harvesting conditions. If you are harvesting cereal grains, beans, peas, lentils or canola, you can be confident that the 2015 and 2016 pickup headers will exceed your expectations.

Massey Ferguson Axial Combines

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MF 9005 Series Axial Combines Massey Ferguson Axial Combines
MF 9005 Series from 300 to 425 HP

Massey Ferguson® 9005 Series combines feature improved performance, productivity and operator comfort. All three models are now equipped with the same "Direct High Volume" grain unloading system featured on our MF 9895 Class VIII combines. Image the world?s fastest unloading rate at 4.5 bushels per second - no combine unloads faster.

MacDon Industries

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MacDon Draper Headers MacDon Draper Headers

MacDon drapers offer up to 40% more windrowing capacity than MacDon's industry leading 972 Harvest Header®. For most operators under most conditions that represents a dramatic reduction in overall harvesting time. Better still, MacDon drapers are true multi-crop harvesting solutions letting you cut just about any crop without having to swap headers. Not only are they perfect for harvesting cereals, oil seeds, grass seeds and edible beans, but they will also outperform most auger headers in hay and forage applications.

Kinze Grain Carts

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Kinze 850 Auger Wagons Kinze 850 Series Auger Wagons

Model 850 Auger Wagons: 850 Bushel Capacities! Uncompromisnig design and quality give you top performance, reliability and long life. Step up to the next level in grain handling!
Kinze 1050 Auger Wagons Kinze 1050 Series Auger Wagons

The Next Level In Grain Handling. KINZE offers more. Superior efficiency, productivity, durability and industry-leading resale make the decision easy when buying a wagon...KINZE!

Brent Grain Handling

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Brent Avalanche Double-Auger Grain Carts Brent Avalanche® Double-Auger Grain Carts

The Brent® Avalanche® dual-auger grain carts set new standards for unloading speed, convenience and durability - the features that count most when it comes to measuring grain cart value.
Brent Corner-Auger Grain Carts Brent Corner-Auger Grain Carts

Harvest goes smoother with a Brent grain cart - from start to finish. Harvest efficiency is pushed to the max with 1,000 plus to 550 bushel capacities with unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute. The patented corner-auger design means 100 percent unloading visibility from the tractor cab. When you're ready for the best, you're ready for Brent.
Brent Side-Auger Grain Carts Brent Side-Auger Grain Carts

The Brent 620 side-auger grain cart with 650 bushels of capacity, provides an excellent value for those wanting to increase their harvesting speed.
Brent 1282 Corner-Auger Grain Cart Brent 1282 Corner-Auger Grain Cart

Harvest goes smoother with any Brent grain cart. Add in corner-auger unloading visibility with the double-auger unloading speeds found on the new Brent model 1282 grain cart and you'll push harvesting efficiency to the top!